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Do You Struggle to Breathe?
Top 3 Home Air Purifiers:
Dyson vs. Molekule vs. Wynd

Don't get choked up. We've reviewed the best at-home air purifiers including Dyson, Molekule, and Wynd to help you make an informed decision.

Dyson vs Molekule vs Wynd - Cover Image

A few years ago, I would have never thought it would be so common, accepted, and even expected to see people in public wearing masks; but in the wake of H1N1, SARS, and COVID-19 our world has changed. And perhaps we had all taken for granted how precious the air around us really is.

We filter our water, and choose foods free from preservatives, but we just assume our air is sufficiently clean, even as larger cities around the world grow hazy from smog. Beyond pollutants, our air is frequently filled with allergens, mold, bacteria and viruses. While we all will be more thoughtful and aware in the future, some of us with extreme allergies or weakened immune systems have to be especially careful.

Fortunately, there are companies creating innovative solutions for at-home and personal air purifiers. So which brand should you choose? We will help you decide. Read the detailed review or see the side-by-side comparison below.

What is the best home air purifier?

Whether you need an air purifier for your car, your house, or your office area, these companies have unique products and styling to provide you cleaner air and aesthetically pleasing design. Each brand stands out in its own unique way, and based on hours of research, Moonlight Review is proud to share these accolades for our favorite 3 home air purifiers:

  • Dyson - Best Multi-functional Design
  • Molekule - Best Overall Technology
  • Wynd - Most Convenient Ecosystem of Products

There is something to be said for fresh air. Indoor air is significantly more polluted than outdoor air, so it is no wonder we feel the urge to get outside every now and then. While nothing can replace the natural joy of going outside, Dyson, Wynd, and Molekule have developed solutions to help improve the air quality when we are inside.

HEPA vs. PECO: What’s The Difference?

Are all air purification systems created equal? Surprisingly, there are some big differences between some of the brands. The most common home air purification system is a HEPA filter, which stands for high-efficiency particulate air. The main thing to understand about HEPA in contrast to PECO, is that HEPA filters actually trap pollutants as air moves through a fine mesh-like material. HEPA filters are both popular and effective since they trap pollutants such as pollen, pet dander, and even tobacco smoke.

The founding family behind Molekule developed and patented their own PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) technology that actually destroys the pollutants. Independent labs have validated that PECO technology actually destroys mold, bacteria, and viruses. HEPA filters are fairly standard, but when you realize HEPA filters are actually capturing pollutants, rather than destroying them like PECO technology, it makes you think twice about which air purification system you might use.

Molekule’s air purification system pulls air through a traditional filter before it moves through the PECO technology. Wynd utilizes a HEPA filtration system, while Dyson utilizes a HEPA filtration system in addition to a carbon filter. Dyson’s carbon filter captures gases such as formaldehyde, as well as the traditional pollutants that the HEPA filter catches.

Don’t Get Choked Up, But We Reviewed The Best Home Air Purifiers Just For You

Naturally, there are more features that set our top 3 air purifiers apart than simply their purification system of choice, so we compiled our research below to help you make the best purchasing decision possible.

Dyson Air Purifier Review: Innovation After Innovation

Dyson is known for crazy looking vacuums and hand dryers, but the crazy looking designs are frequently reflective of better technology and more innovative advancements than their competitors are using. Such is the case with Dyson’s air purifiers. Developing an air purifier just like everyone else’s would never be enough for Dyson.

Dyson created over 2,600 prototypes before landing on the design that could pass their rigorous standards. Dyson’s research revealed that many competitor models only purify the air directly around the purification device, rather than truly purifying the air in the entire room, so they sought out to create a solution for this specific problem.

They determined their air purifier would need to do three things:

  • Automatically sense air pollution
  • Capture gases and ultrafine pollutants
  • Project clean air back through entire room

The Dyson air purifier works by first pulling air through a dual filtration system. A carbon filter captures any gases in the air, while the glass HEPA filter captures any particles and small pollutant matter. After cleaning the air, the dyson purifier then uses a fan to project the clean air back through the entire room.

This is the innovative twist Dyson adds. Each purifier is part of a fan system that intelligently heats or cools the room you are in. For the most advanced option, you can buy the Dyson Pure Humidify + Cool Cryptomic, which both humidifies using purified water and destroys formaldehyde continuously.

Don’t forget this all on top of the fact that Dyson’s fans don’t have any exposed blades, making them safe for use around children and pets, both of which create their fair share of air pollutants.

When you buy a Dyson air purifier, you aren’t just buying a purifier. You are also buying a fan, some of which blow both cool and hot air; and if you want a humidifier, you can choose that option too. Dyson’s continual innovation and high quality standards make them a perfect pick to be in our list of the Top 3 Home Air Purifiers.

Wynd: Solutions For Any Location

The first thing you need to understand about Wynd is that they don’t just sell air purification systems. Wynd has developed an entire ecosystem to ensure you are knowledgeable about the air quality around you, and have also developed the tools you need to improve the air quality wherever you are.

If the base of this ecosystem is knowledge, then we should first discuss their air quality trackers and associated phone applications. Most of us have lived our lives completely unaware of the air quality in our local environments, but it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. Wynd sales a portable air quality tracker with an indicator light that changes colors as the air quality around you changes.

More importantly, the tracker communicates with a phone app (available for both iOS and Android) which provides insights about the current air quality, and air quality over time. The app also allows you to research air quality of other cities, so you know before you go. The portable air quality tracker doesn’t have any data displays directly on the device, since it relies on the app for visual display, but Wynd does sell a beautiful at-home device that will allow you to see your air quality at a glance.

Knowledge is power, and the Wynd ecosystem enables you to make educated decisions regarding which devices to use, and where to use them. Need a solution for your car commute or your cubicle at work? Wynd has a sleek and affordable solution for that. In fact, Wynd’s ecosystem is so thoughtfully designed, they even have a baby stroller clip which will allow you to take the portable device with you as you stroll.

For the house, Wynd sells a smart home-air purifier that cleans up to 1,200 square feet in just 30 minutes. We are talking about industry leading technologies here. If you are starting to realize you may need a portable air-purifier and an at-home purifier, don’t worry. Wynd offers bundles which will help you save money. Whether you struggle with allergies, or are concerned about the air quality in your car or office cubicle, we recommend purchasing Wynd to help you breathe easy.

Molekule: Destroys Pollutants

There are a variety of air purification systems, but most use a series of filters to trap pollutants, which are later thrown out with the filters. Surely you have noticed how filthy old filters can be, whether at home or in your car. Molekule is different. Actually, Molekule is the first of its kind. Rather than develop a system to trap pollutants, the family team at Molekule developed a system to actually destroy pollutants.

The Molekule system still utilizes filters, but the difference is air travel first through a pre-filter (similar to most standard filters), before then traveling through the PECO filter, which is designed to actually destroy the pollutants. And what does PECO stand for? Photo electrochemical oxidation.

Dr. Goswami, the patriarch of the founding family and lead scientist, has written over 20 white reports detailing his research on the PECO system. The system was studied at both the University of Florida and The University of South Florida. Molekule is serious about air quality, and has put the same technology in their at-home devices that they use in their commercial products, used by institutions such as hospitals.

The product is sleek too. You might expect a high-grade air purification system to look like an ugly air conditioning unit to be hidden behind a chair or couch, but the at-home system looks like a piece of modern art. In fact, the Molekule Air and Air Mini are so beautiful, we wouldn’t blame you for displaying them as a centerpiece.

Everything down to the handle was thoughtfully designed. And about that handle… the Molekule Air and Air Mini are easy to move from room to room to ensure the air throughout your house stays fresh. So take a deep breath, and then realize how much cleaner that breath will be after you have purchased a Molekule for your home.

Customer Reviews: Who Makes The Best Air Purifier?

We spent hours and hours researching and reviewing air purifiers to bring you the best information, but we still understand if you don’t want to take our word for it. Keeping this in mind, we compiled the most insightful reviews from around the web so that you can read about the features other customers love. We think that by seeing what stands out to other everyday consumers you will be better informed to make a purchasing decision you are proud of.

5 Star Dyson Air Purifier Reviews

Review from Max: I purchased this item to clean up the air in my house due to the large forest fires that we experience on an almost annual basis in Alberta/British Columbia. The product works great. You get 10 speed settings on the fan for cooling or heating. The carbon filter absorbs odors and organic compounds while the HEPA filter takes care of anything else. It also measures your air quality and responds accordingly. The only drawback would be to consider the cost associated with a new filter as they are quite pricey, though they do last a while. The unit effectively removed all smoke issues from the fires, any strong cooking odors and allergens.

Review from CJ: If you are sensitive, have pets, and have allergies then Dyson products and purifier will definitely help! I am very sensitive and have a hard time sleeping without my Dyson Pure Cool Link purifier. It has been one of the best purchases I have ever made, and has allowed me to get off allergy medications. I currently own 3 different Dyson purifiers and my friends and family have joined Dyson as well. If you are looking for help with allergies/overall air quality than Dyson is a great investment! I can’t stress that enough.

Review from M Phillips: I was very reluctant to spend this much dough on an air purifier. So glad I did. The data that the app provides is fascinating - and being able to graph air quality, temp and humidity in my bedroom is interesting to me. The “auto mode” is great because the purifier will go up and down based on the air quality - and you can watch it on your phone. Did you know that cooking eggs in another part of the house barely changes the air quality - but frying fish or burning toast will cause the air quality to shoot up to enormous levels? Who knew. And interestingly sleeping with the windows open will trigger bad air quality when its pollen season, but not so much after a rain. How do you know? The Dyson app graphs it all for you. Very cool stuff.

5 Star Wynd Air Purifier Reviews

Review from Robert: I bought 2 Wynd Plus’s for my son and niece with allergies. The sensor allows you to follow the drop in particle count as the purifier quietly does its job. It’s an amazingly efficient way for them to clear their personal air now that they’re going back to college and the dorm/library/apt./etc.

Review from Adolfo: After experiencing the Intense wildfire smoke in the 2018 California fire season; I have permanently installed the Wind Air Purifier as a car accessory. Even without the wildfires I can feel the difference in the car’s cabin during my often extended commute here in the SF Bay Area. We do need this product as our air quality degrades due to various human induced pollutants.

Review from Carol: I suffer from terrible Sinus problems and have other illnesses that mean my immune system isn’t great so I get a lot of infection. Since buying the Wynd Air my Sinuses have been much better and I have not had so many infections. I have the Wynd Air on my bedside table and have it on all night. This has been the best purchase I have made recently. I just ordered some new filters so I never run out, they came so quickly.

Review from Rebecca: I have already purchased my second Wynd so that I can keep it in my car when I go out to have it with me. I have also recommended to all of my friends.

Take it with you if you go to the hairdresser, the sensor went dark purple at my hairdressers because of all the chemicals they use. I used to feel very sick each time I went but now I feel fine because I can take my own good air bubble with me.

5 Star Molekule Air Purifier Reviews

Review from Tony: I am impressed with my Molekule. Easy to set up, very quiet , modern design, and I can actually notice a difference in the air quality in my apartment! So happy I decided to finally purchase it.

Review from Dr. Dennis: The device fits my professional needs perfectly. I installed the device to protect my patients, my staff, and myself, particularly in this age of Covid-19. It purifies the ambient and circulating air in a very quiet, obscure way.

Review from Gary: This is a beautiful, efficient, brilliant machine that ACTUALLY works! It has reduced allergy symptoms in the house by 80%. I just convinced my sister and son to purchase a Molekule Air and they were instantly blown away with how fast it began to work for them. The room the Molekule is in has a strange and mysterious climate of freshness, as if the air is lighter somehow. Amazing product. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? A thousand times. Keep your filters clean by replacing them on time, and this little gem will keep your body cleaner every day. Thank you creators of Molekule for all that you do.

Review from Harvey: We use Molekule to remediate mold/bacterial/viral air contamination. Far superior to old fashioned HEPA scrubbers, as they reduce those particulates in 25% of the time HEPAs would. We gave one to my girlfriend’s son in law, and his childrens’ sniffles cleared up within 2 days.

I’m betting if you’ve read this far you already know which at-home air purification system you will buy, but if you are still on the fence, we will tell you our favorite. Molekule. We love that Molekule actually destroys the pollutants rather than simply capturing the pollutants. The founding family behind Molekule devoted their entire carers to improving air quality, because it was an issue directly impacting them and they wanted to help others in similar situations. That type of passion really shines through in their product. We love Molekule so much, their air purification system made our list of Ten Best Gifts for 2020.

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