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Best Fire Pit Grills:
Breeo vs. Arteflame
(2021 Review)

What is the best backyard fire pit grill? We reviewed Breeo vs. Arteflame to highlight which fire pit grill is most worth the investment.

If 2020 taught us anything, our homes are a sacred personal space worth investing in and enjoying. It’s no surprise then that so many of us are upgrading our outdoor spaces to enjoy with family and friends fully. Fire pit grills are an excellent way to accomplish this. They serve as handsome conversation starters, are functional for grilling great food, and provide your family and friends with a natural place to gather and chill.

Breeo Vs. Arteflame Comparison

A quality fire pit grill can be a significant investment, though, so which brand should you choose? Breeo and Arteflame make the highest quality fire pit grills. They are quite eye-catching too. Check out the side-by-side table comparing Breeo vs. Arteflame, or check out the detailed reviews below.

Breeo vs. Arteflame
Comparison Table
Best Fire Pit / Grill CombinationsBreeo LogoArteflame Logo
Biggest Selling PointaddBreeoCampfire experience with modern technologyArteflameSophisticated style with multi-purpose functionality
Fun FactsaddBreeoBreeo pioneered smokeless fire pit technologyArteflameFull set-ups can weigh over 500 lbs.
MaterialaddBreeoStainless Steel, Corten SteelArteflameCorten Steel
American MadeaddBreeoArteflame
Biggest SizeaddBreeo27 inchesArteflame40 inches
Intended FueladdBreeoWood logsArteflameWood or charcoal
Smokeless TechnologyaddBreeoArteflame
BBQ Rotisserie AccessoryaddBreeoArteflame
Pizza Oven AccessoryaddBreeoArteflame

Can You Cook on a Fire Pit?

When most people think about cooking with a campfire, they probably think about hotdogs and s’mores. I am not sure how well-balanced a meal that makes, but gooey s’mores sure make some good memories. The hot dog and s’mores combination is incredibly fun for kids, but if you plan to hang out with many adults, you probably need to up your game.

Fortunately for your more sophisticated taste buds, anything you can cook with a more traditional grill can also be cooked with a fire pit grill combination. Modern fire pits like those sold by Breeo and Arteflame offer more versatile cooking options than the old-school Weber you rarely use.

There are two basic ways to cook with a fire pit. You can either cook with a grill plate, which provides the nice lines a traditional grill makes, or a sear plate (which some people will refer to as a plancha). The sear plate is a particularly tasty option because you can throw down everything from steaks and shrimp to vegetables.

Arteflame and Breeo both have set-ups allowing for grill plate or sear plate cooking. We love their products because they are beautiful pieces for your backyard that are also entirely functional. Why cook inside when you can hang out outside by a cozy fire?

Breeo or Arteflame Comparison Article Image

Breeo Fire Pit Grill Review

While Breeo fire pits have a sophisticated design and incorporate cutting-edge technology, Breeo’s fire pits still invoke a nice beard and flannel shirt. We like that Breeo blazes a new path while representing the best of outdoorsy fire pit memories.

Breeo fire pits are made in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where the team works tirelessly to serve their customers through campfire innovation. You might think that sounds like an oxymoron, but Breeo fire pits are relatively sophisticated. The fire pits include a double-walled construction, allowing hot air to flow up to the flame’s top, where secondary combustion occurs. The hot air flows out of the double walls through vents at the top of the fire pit, and the hot air mixes with and re-burns the smoke.

That might sound like some mad-scientist-like crazy talk, but the result is a “smokeless” fire pit. Maybe the best part is that the bigger and hotter you make the fire, the less smoke it produces. Breeo’s X Airflow technology pulls air directly into the base of the fire, where the oxygen supply keeps the fire burning hot. A hot fire is essential to heat the double walls and the air flowing between them, enabling the second combustion.

Because a hot fire is crucial for creating a smokeless environment, there may be some smoke as you get the fire started, especially if you choose to use any paper or cardboard to get things going. The same is true if you try to burn a small, one or two log fire, because it may not heat the double walls if you choose a bigger model. So while your smokeless fire pit may still produce a little smoke, there won’t be near as much smoke as an old-school fire pit.

Cooking and Grilling With Breeo

Breeo X Series fire pits have a signature sear plate ring above the double walls. Not only is the sear plate fun, but you can cook pretty much anything on it. I recently cooked steak, crab legs, and asparagus for a delicious, at-home, surf-and-turf dinner. The sear plate is plenty capable.

The one thing to be aware of is that as the fire gets hot, the sear plate naturally curls down toward the fire. This is an excellent feature because any grease or food scraps will slide into the fire rather than onto the ground. Just be careful when flipping your food because if you bump your food the wrong way, it might slide right into the flames. I found this out first-hand.

The solution to this is to use the Breeo Outpost with your fire pit. The Breeo Outpost has a smart, portable design, so you can take it camping or to remote locations where you don’t want to drag your fire pit. The Outpost is built from 100% stainless steel, and the fully adjustable design allows you to control the heat as you raise the grill plate closer to the heart of the fire.

If you take the Outpost camping, you will use the patent-pending anchorpoint technology to plant the unit in the ground stably. This will enable you to cook above an open fire anywhere you might be. Of course, to compare Breeo vs. Arteflame, it is important to note that the Outpost also locks against your Breeo fire pit quickly so that you can use it for cooking above the open flame on your Breeo easily.

So while the sear plate is completely capable, we recommend using the Breeo Outpost for most of your cooking needs and using the sear plate for, well, searing your meat. From personal experience, the sear plate also works great to warm up your s’mores if you set a graham cracker and piece of chocolate directly on the ring.

Regardless of how you choose to use the sear plate, it combined with the Outpost creates a versatile grilling powerhouse. We recommend purchasing the Outpost as part of a bundle, but if you do purchase separately, make sure you buy the right size to match your Breeo fire pit size.

Breeo vs. Arteflame Review  Image

Breeo Product Portfolio

Breeo has one of the broadest line-ups of fire pits of any manufacturer on the market. The Zentro is a smokeless fire pit insert for block or masonry fire pit, and it comes in steel and stainless steel options. At the other end of the spectrum, the Luxeve is a high-end fire pit sporting colorful fire pit glass in place of the sear plate found on the Breeo X Series.

Your best option is to invest in the Breeo X Series or the Breeo Double Flame for grilling with a fire pit. The Breeo Double Flame is made from stainless steel and is a little bit lighter than the X Series if you want a fire pit that is portable enough to take with you to the mountains or beach. While the Outpost attaches to both the Double Flame and the X Series, the X Series has a wide rim sear plate that enhances cooking versatility.

Not only is the Breeo X Series our favorite Breeo product for grilling, but it is one of the best authentic open-fire cooking experiences you will find. The smokeless technology makes it ideal for the backyard, and the portability of the Outpost makes the system an even greater value.

Is a Breeo Fire Pit and Outpost Worth It?

Smokeless fire pits have understandably gained popularity in the last few years. Breeo has been at the forefront of fire pit innovation for the last decade, so it should come as no surprise when comparing Breeo to competitor smokeless fire pits, we recommended Breeo’s products above the competition. Breeo makes a durable and innovative fire pit that is worth your investment.

thumb_down CONS
  • checkBreeo X Series features innovative sear plate
  • closeFood might slide off sear plate if you aren’t attentive
  • checkBreeo X Series made from durable Corten steel and stainless steel
  • checkCorten steel develops one-of-a-kind patina
  • checkBreeo Outpost allows for versatile cooking experience
  • checkBreeo Outpost is portable - Can be used with fire pit or remote campfire

Breeo vs. Arteflame Review Article Image

Arteflame Fire Pit Grill Review

While Breeo’s fire pit line-up harkens to a traditional campfire experience, Arteflames grills and fire pits are almost an entirely new category. Arteflame fire pits are functional, as you would expect them to be, but they also serve as contemporary art pieces for your outdoor spaces. Adding an Arteflame to your backyard will provide a natural spot for your friends and family to congregate and have a good time, both while cooking delicious food and afterward.

Since Breeo’s fire pits sit lower to the ground like traditional campfires, you might envision yourself gathering around a Breeo with lawn chairs, deep into the night. You could certainly do this with an Arteflame too, but it also offers a more sophisticated feel.

Imagine yourself standing poolside, cooking on your Arteflame with a cold drink in hand. And since the round cooktop on a tall base is closer to a standing height, you might find your guests enjoy participating in the cooking experience. Have your guests make their kabobs, just the way they like them, before throwing them on your Arteflame.

Arteflames are more than mere eye-candy. They are built to last with Corten steel, sometimes called weathering steel, which means your Arteflame will be fine outside year-round. And Arteflame’s attention to detail is second to none. Arteflame’s products are spun into a single piece of steel so that there are no seams, enhancing the product’s longevity and aesthetic appeal even more.

There is no value-engineering or cut corners here. Arteflame grills are built from the best materials and with top tier processes. These grills don’t have the same smokeless technology that the Breeo features, but the Arteflame grills have air intake vents at the bottom of the fire to keep oxygen flowing and prevent excessive smoke from billowing out of the top of the grill.

Cooking and Grilling With Arteflame

In some sense, Arteflame grills were more specifically designed for grilling. The units are taller, closer to a standing height, and the cooking surface is much more substantial on the Arteflame. In fact, Arteflame enables you to convert the entire opening over the fire into a cooking surface by adding its removable grill grate insert. Arteflame’s cooking experience is less rustic and more refined, which might be appealing to some users.

Several attachments are also available to refine your cooking experience further. If you have ever dreamed of roasting rotisserie meats, you will be ecstatic to learn Arteflame sells a barbecue rotisserie accessory, which is strong enough to turn meat weighing as much as 25 lbs.

If pizza is more your thing, Arteflame sells a stainless steel pizza oven with a unique grill grate that allows you to bake your favorite pizzas directly over the heart of your fire. The oven funnels heat right above the top of the pizza, resulting in perfectly melted cheese to complement the nicely grilled crust.

If you frequently daydream of TV cooking shows or consider yourself a top-notch at-home chef, Arteflame provides unparalleled versatility for open-fire cooking while also serving as an eye-catching conversation piece.

Arteflame vs. Breeo Review Image

Arteflame Product Portfolio

Arteflame has two primary grill products. The Classic 40 bowl can be purchased to sit atop four different bases: a tall cylindrical base, a short cylindrical base, a tall European-style base, and a short European-style base. These configurations make the Classic 40 bowl adaptable to any space, and the Corten steel construction enables the grill to withstand any conditions.

If you would prefer a one-piece unit, the One Series comes in three sizes ranging from 20 inches to 40 inches. The grill cooktop can be removed from any of Arteflame’s products, converting your grill into a traditional fire pit that will provide warmth and joy for hours after your food is gone.

In comparison to the Breeo, we would recommend purchasing the Arteflame Classic 40 bowl with a short base. When you remove the cooktop from a short base Arteflame, your fire will be lower to the ground, creating a more campfire-like atmosphere you can surround with Adirondack to create the perfect evening.

While the Classic 40 bowl with a short base will be the closest experience to a campfire, all of the Arteflames’s accessories will still work. You can enjoy a bonfire experience while making barbecue rotisserie or baking a pizza. Arteflame’s products allow for unrivaled versatility.

Is an Arteflame Fire Pit and Grill Worth It?

If you like to entertain sophisticated guests, then an Arteflame fire pit and grill are a must-have. The corten steel develops a one-of-a-kind patina in a striking, seamless form. The Arteflame is particularly useful if you want to make cooking a central focus for your gatherings.

thumb_down CONS
  • checkLarge cooking surface spans entire fire
  • closeCan weigh over 500 lbs.
  • checkThe tall base allow for stand-up grilling experience
  • closeTop-tier materials, processes and details result in more expensive price
  • checkCorten steel develops one-of-a-kind patina
  • checkSeamless construction is durable and visually appealing
  • checkBarbecue rotisserie accessory available
  • checkPizza oven accessory available

Arteflame vs. Breeo Comparison Article Image

Our Favorite Fire Pit Grill

In deciding between Breeo vs. Arteflame, the decision comes down to one question: Are you more interested in a grill that converts to a fire pit or a fire pit that doubles as a grill? Determining your primary purpose for purchasing one of these stellar products will give you enough insight to make the best decision.

The Breeo team helped innovate the smokeless fire pit revolution, and to this day, make the highest quality fire pits, right from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Like Arteflame products, Breeo fire pits are both beautiful and functional in their way. If you are drawn to late nights around a campfire, gazing at the stars, then purchase a Breeo. There will be no regrets. For the best grilling experience, we recommend the X Series, which includes the sear plate ring. Just make sure you buy a package that includes the Outpost, so you have the best grilling experience.

On the other hand, if your daydreaming involves dinner parties near the pool, we recommend the Arteflame Classic 40 with a tall base. The Arteflame Classic 40 is a sophisticated grill first, converted to a fire pit as a second use. Arteflame makes high-end products, with high-end appeal. The seamless construction should last a lifetime, and accessories such as the barbecue rotisserie and pizza oven create unmatched flexibility, allowing you to become the chef you always dreamed you would be.

Breeo vs. Arteflame Comparison Article Image

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