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Complete Sheets & Giggles Reviews:
Are Eucalyptus Sheets Right For You?
(2021 Review)

If you are still sleeping on traditional cotton sheets, it’s time to upgrade to the future of sheets. Eucalyptus sheets are softer, cool-to-touch, and more sustainable than cotton sheets.

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Our Take:
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  • check Sustainable material
  • close Somewhat limited line up
  • check Cool-to-touch
  • check Breathable
  • check Softer than cotton
  • check Clever corners
  • check Hypoallergenic
The Bottom Line:Sheets & Giggles sells high quality eucalyptus lyocell sheet sets, while adding a little fun to life along the way with bold and sassy styling. Their eucalyptus sheets are softer and cooler than cotton, as well as hypoallergenic.
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Full Review:
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People spend a ton of money on their bedrooms, and we get it. Whether you are a night owl or an early bird, we are more alike than we are different. We all need sleep, and a bad night’s sleep can ruin what would otherwise be a good day.

But sometimes people spend big money on their bed and pillows, only to skimp out bedding and sheets. It’s an interesting choice when you realize your sheets know you more intimately than anything else you own.

Of course, since you found your way to this

Sheets and Giggles review, you are obviously smarter than the average consumer. Let’s just start here: Sheets and Giggles sheets have offered us some of the most comfortable sleep we’ve ever had.

Sheets And Giggles Review - Unboxing Pics

Sheets And Giggles Reviews

We love Sheets & Giggles because of their bold styling and sustainable focus. Once you understand the benefits of the eucalyptus lyocell fabric that Sheets & Giggles uses, you might wonder why you ever slept on cotton sheets.

And who knew that sheet sets could be interesting and fun? Well, apparently the found of Sheets & Giggles understood this. Heck, the founder’s rescued Jack Russell, Harvey is an important part of the company branding. What’s more fun than that? On a serious note, though, sheets can be boring and anonymous. Part of what we love about Sheets & Giggles is that they make something as intimate as sheets as fun and exciting as they should be.


There is a lot to love about Sheets & Giggles, but before we dive into the details, here are favorite details:

Needless to say, there’s a lot to unpack here. Beyond the list above, the company has certifications out the wazoo, such as the FKT Certification, which validates that the sheets won’t cause any skin reactions (which happens with lower quality competition). Nobody wants unexpected bodily reactions, so the attention to detail and pursuit of important certifications is to be admired.

Sheets & Giggles Review - Try Now

Bold Style

Like we said, most sheets are so anonymous you probably have no idea where they came from. The imagery on competitor websites is serene and peaceful, but almost sterile, and definitely unrealistic. Instead, Sheets & Giggles keeps it real with images of dogs enjoying the bed, or of the staff enjoying some pizza in bed. This seems a little bit more like real life, which is bold on its own.

But the colors are striking and refreshing. There is a time and place for white sheets, so obviously, the S&G team offers those as well, but your eyes will be drawn to the other options. I have the deep navy sheets on my bed, but other vibrant colors include purple, mint, lavender, and red sheets, all of which are bright and daring. The color profile borders on audacious, yet somehow balance just enough simplicity to come across as confident instead of showy.

We also appreciate that there are options that fall somewhere in between classic white and vixen red. The pearl sheets are some of our personal favorites. The pearl sheets offer just enough color to be interesting, without being distracting. The gray, oat and sage sheets might fall into this category as well. There are plenty of color options for any preference and every situation.

Regardless of which color is your favorite, these aren’t your parent’s bleached white cotton sheets. Whether you choose to go with vibrant colors or neutral colors, it’s interesting and fun to have some unique color choices.

Sustainable & Ethical

To understand why Sheets & Giggles’ product is such a great option for the sustainably-minded, it is helpful to first understand the alternatives. Obviously, the large majority of sheet sets are made from organic cotton. Consider this: Cotton uses as much as 24% of the world’s insecticide consumption in any given year. S&G’s Lyocell product (more on Lyocell soon) doesn’t require any pesticides or insecticides. If you care about the bird and bee populations, this is important to understand.

Not only does cotton require insecticides and pesticides, but it also requires 96% more water (up to 4,000 liters) to grow than does Sheets & Giggles’ more sustainable bedding. And S&G considers the full life cycle of their product in planning their sustainable approach, you should, too, if you are researching eco-friendly bedding options. For example, the company plants a tree for every order processed (more than 50,000 so far), and they ship their bedding in zero-plastic packaging.

Beyond sustainability, it is obvious that the Sheets & Giggles team does their best to be good corporate citizens. How? Well, they donate 1% of their profits, time, products, and equity to nonprofits in the Colorado community. They are also a partner of the World Wildlife Fund, and routinely donate money to local nonprofits.

The fact that they sell innovative bedding at a reasonable price is one thing, but the fact that you can rest easy knowing you made a good decision is something even better. After all, eucalyptus is good enough for the koalas, and we think it is good enough for you.

Sheets And Giggles Review - Koala

What Are Sheets And Giggles Made From?

Lyocell is a sustainable (and otherwise awesome) fabric sourced from Eucalyptus trees. Fabric matters, but until recent years most people only knew cotton or silk fabrics as options, but there is an objectively better option. We’ve already established that eucalyptus lyocell is the more sustainable fabric, but that won’t matter much if the sheets are uncomfortable to sleep on.

it all starts at the fiber level. Cotton fibers are naturally wavy, which introduces friction, while eucalyptus lyocell fibers are round and straight. This is one of the reasons that lyocell is softer than cotton. Eucalyptus lyocell also has natural properties that are more hypoallergenic than cotton. These natural properties repel bacteria and dust mite growth, which means your sheets will feel clean and fresh for longer.

Eucalyptus lyocell wicks moisture better than cotton and is also more breathable. Bye-bye night sweats. So lyocell is more sustainable, softer, and more breathable. What’s not to love?

If you are an adept shopper, you might be worried that harvesting eucalyptus trees are harmful to the planet and natural animal habitats. That’s a smart consideration, but not one you need to worry about here. Sheets and Giggles go out of their way to ensure that their product isn’t sourced from any ancient or endangered forests. Instead, the trees are renewably grown on biodiverse farms.

What Is The Best Quality In Sheets?

If you’ve spent much time researching sheets (you obviously have), then you have probably seen sheets sets with over 1,000 thread counts claiming to be softer than a cloud. The reality is that thread is only on attribute leading to softness, and thread counts above 500 might actually offer diminishing returns, and less durable fabric.

The fabric material matters as much as does the thread count, and as we mentioned previously, cotton is naturally wavy, and therefore a little coarse on the skin. Cotton is a little more coarse than you may even realize unless you directly compare it to an alternative fabric such as eucalyptus lyocell.

What about bamboo sheets? Well, creating bamboo sheets is frequently a chemically-driven process, so while bamboo is highly regenerative, the production process isn’t as sustainable. The bottom line is that it is hard to argue against eucalyptus lyocell offering the best quality in sheets. Heck, you won’t even need fabric softener like you might be accustomed to using on your favorite cotton sheets.

Sheets And Giggles Products

If you consider yourself to be a hesitant shopper, you will be happy to know there is free return shipping, with a very reasonable return policy: If you are unhappy with your purchase, you can return it to the S&G team. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

That said, we love our Sheets & Giggles sheets sets and comforter, and we are confident you will too. Some things never change, but we are glad sheets have made the evolution into the current century. We are talking about soft sheets and bedding that is cool to touch and easy on the planet. What more could you ask for?

Sheets And Sets

These are smooth sheets in more ways than one. Not only do they look and feel comfortable, but some might say the bold color choices are sexy, too. Yet unlike some silk alternatives, S&G sheets are machine washable.

The eucalyptus lyocell fabric is softer than cotton (there is literally less friction than cotton sheets), and otherwise delightful to sleep on. These breathable sheets have natural qualities that make them cool to the touch and moisture-wicking. The naturable attributes that set lyocell apart from cotton also allow the sheets to be hypoallergenic. In fact, I have a personal friend that noted he stopped constant sniffling when he started sleeping in a Sheets & Giggles pair of sheets.

One of our favorite design features is helpful corner tags that help you align the sheets properly on the bed. There may be nothing more frustrating than fighting to get sheets on a king-size bed, to finish, and not even know if you put the sheets on correctly.

The standard sheet set includes deep pockets that will work with beds as tall as 20”, and as you might imagine, each set includes a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two matching pillowcases

. Need an extra pillowcase? No worries. They are available for add-on through the website.

If pocket depth is a concern, then you will be glad to know that Sheets & Giggles offers multiple alternatives. The standard sheet sets are the perfect size for most modern mattresses, featuring extra deep pockets that securely fit deep mattresses, and hugging smaller mattresses with even better coverage.

If you have a thinner mattress, then you might consider the 11” pocket sheet sets. The thinner sheet sets are available in fewer colors, but it is hard to go wrong with white, pearl, or gray anyway. Of course, if you have a bed with a mattress topper, this probably won’t be a consideration anyways, but the standard deep-pocket sheets will get the job done.

Eucalyptus sheets are the real deal. The sheets are certified to have no harmful substances and are more comfortable and more sustainable than cotton alternatives. Plus, because the team is mindful to use sustainable packaging, the sheets are delivered in a reusable eucalyptus fabric knapsack inside a recyclable cardboard box. I’ve heard some people say the drawstring sack is perfect to reuse to hold a yoga mat, but that seems like a weird use to me. I will let you decide on how to use the bag. Regardless, you can’t go wrong with these eucalyptus sheets.

Sheets And Giggles Reviews - Unboxing

Comforters, Duvet Covers & Throw Blankets

If you choose to order a eucalyptus comforter or duvet cover, expect more of the same. Naturally, the outside of the comforter is made with the same lyocell fabric used for the sheets, but the filling is innovative and interesting. The stuffing includes 50% of the signature eucalyptus fiber and 50% of cozy poly-fiber that is made from recycled plastic bottles. Even the comforter’s filling is designed with sustainability in function in mind.

If you are in a pinch, the comforter is machine washable, though green dry cleaning is recommended every few months.

The comforter is available in three sizes (twin, queen, and king), and three color choices (white, pearl, and gray). If you are looking for more color choices, have no fear. All four corners include corner loops so that you can securely attach the comforter to a colorful eucalyptus duvet of your choosing.

The Sheets & Giggles duvet covers come in mostly neutral colors, but there are a few options beyond traditional white. If you go with the white sheets, you may prefer to add color with the duvet color instead of through the sheets, which are mostly covered by the duvet.

If you prefer the versatility that white sheets and comforters provide, but still want to add a little versatility to your bedroom, you could always add one of the bright throw blankets, which come in colors such as leaf green and sunflower yellow. They offer a nice pop of color to pair with more neutral sheet set options.

Of course, most people use the throw blankets with their couch or in their living room, and this blanket is perfect for those purposes. The blanket is 6 ft. long and 4 ft. wide, and weighs as much as 5 lbs. in total. Needless to say, the blanket is designed to be cozy and snuggable. As you would expect, the throw blanket is made from lyocell, which makes it stand apart from many throw blankets made from weird synthetic materials.

So, really there are options for every preference. Go ahead and get a new pair of eucalyptus sheets to replace your tired cotton sheets, but go for gold, and consider a comforter, duvet, or throw blanket too.

Sheets & Giggles Pros & Cons

I think we have established that Sheets & Giggles sells premium quality bedding, but it is worth mentioning that the brand is just fun. Not only do they offer bold color choices, and use compelling imagery in their marketing that highlights everyday normalcy, but they add thoughtful touches to the process.

For example, our sheets came with sleep masks made from the same, soft lyocell fabric the sheets are made from. And if you spend much time on the S&G website, you will eventually find a few fun “easter eggs.” The bottom line is that

Sheets & Giggles is a fun brand that makes exceedingly comfortable sheets, which also happen to be better for the planet than traditional cotton alternatives.

  • check Sustainable material
  • close Somewhat limited lineup
  • check Cool-to-touch
  • check Breathable
  • check Softer than cotton
  • check Clever corners
  • check Hypoallergenic

One other thing worth mentioning is that the S&G team will offer you a discount if you donate your old sheets to a homeless shelter, which we appreciate.

What Customers Are Saying

First of all, let’s just acknowledge that there is a board game out there called Sheets & Giggles too. If you came here looking for advice on how to be the best Sheet Head, you might be sorely disappointed, but the real deal sheets are the better buy in our opinion anyway. That said, if you and your friends are partial to taking turns as the Sheet Head playing the game, you should at least do so with the namesake sheets.

Speaking of Amazon, with nearly 1,500 reviews, S&G sheets have a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. And with nearly 4,000 reviews on their own website, they hold a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. Impressive? Sheet Yeah. But what do the customers really have to say?

Well, Jordan shares that Sheets & Giggles is downright luxurious. While that’s quite the compliment, it is even more impressive considering Jordan and his wife just brought their third child into the world. Not only are the sheets soft, but Jordan went as far as saying that the sheets helped him sleep through the night for the first time in a long while.

And Zeke says that the set he bought from Sheets & Giggles is smoother than he expected and absolutely worth the investment. In fact, Zeke went as far as calling his new sheets the best personal investment he has made in a while.

Tianna shares that she sweats a lot at night, and sometimes wake up drenched in sweat. I can relate. Three fans and the A/C weren’t enough to keep Tianna comfortable through the night, but then she heard about Sheets & Giggles. After two months, Tianna is a believer, because she now sleeps comfortably through the night. She says they are way better than a classic sheet set, and worth the investment.

Sandra loves the feel of the surface and said that the sheets seemed to get even softer after they were washed. She purchased Sheets & Giggles because she needed a deep-pocketed sheet set, and everything worked splendidly. She uses her set with a 20” thick air mattress, but Sandra started using her personal mattress as well and plans on buying extra pillowcases. She specifically mentioned that the eucalyptus lyocell was a wonderful material against her face.

Sheets And Giggles Review - Sweet Dreams

Sheets And Giggles Alternatives

Buffy is the best-known competitor, but if you are deciding between Buffy vs Sheets And Giggles, you are going to need to dig deep. Here is what we would say: Sheets & Giggles offers a higher thread count at a more affordable price. In our estimation, S&G is a better value all around, and we’ve personally had a great experience with Sheets & Giggles, so that is where we would start.

A few other brands have entered the scene too, including Eucalypso and Sijo. In many ways, Eucalypso is similar to Sheets & Giggles, though their chosen color profiles are much more earthy and subdued. Whereas S&G has a distinct Colorado vibe, Eucalypso is designed in NYC and milled in Austria, and that’s reflected in the branding.

Sijo is a little different. They started with french linen bedding and later added a Eucalyptus line. Sijo products are quality made, but eucalyptus and sustainability aren’t necessarily at the heart of everything they do, such as is the case with S&G, Buffy, and Eucalypso. We prefer the specificity and focus that Sheets & Giggles offers, but Sij o does have a line-up of bamboo and eucalyptus loungewear. So, there’s that…

Sheets & Giggles vs. Buffy vs. Eucalypso vs. Sijo
Comparison Table
Battle of Eucalyptus SheetsSheets & GigglesBuffyEucalypsoSijo
PriceaddSheets & Giggles💰💰Buffy💰💰💰Eucalypso💰💰💰Sijo💰💰
Biggest Selling PointaddSheets & GigglesQuality-focused first moverBuffySell pillows tooEucalypsoRefined stylingSijoEucalyptus loungewear
Color ProfileaddSheets & GigglesVibrant colorsBuffySoft and neutralEucalypsoSophisticatedSijoEarthy
Thread CountaddSheets & Giggles400Buffy300Eucalypso600SijoNot Disclosed
WebsiteaddSheets & GigglesBuffyEucalypsoSijo

Our Sheets And Giggles Experience

While the royal purple is eye-catching, we decided it might be too bold for our bedroom. Instead, we chose the slightly more subtle navy bed sheets. We’ve had the sheets for nearly a year now, and they are still holding up well. The color has stayed, and there are no rips or tears, even though the sheets are washed weekly.

Beyond the bold coloring, our favorite attribute is that the breathable fabric is cool-to-the-touch when you first lay down. To be real here, we aren’t saying these sheets are a replacement for air conditioning, but the sheets feel truly refreshing when you first slide into bed. And these Sheets & Giggles sheets are the most comfortable we have ever slept in for this reason.

Regarding the sheets being softer than cotton sheets, there are scientific reasons this is true, which I previously alluded to, but my anecdotal experience confirms this is true. The sheets just feel smoother as you move around to find the perfect sleeping position. They are the softest sheets I’ve ever slept on, and I am convinced eucalyptus bed sheets are the way to go. Traditional cotton sheets just aren’t the same.

As far as tossing and turning, the sheets help me feel comfortable faster. Obviously, the mattress plays a major role here, but the big thing here is that the sheets are never the reason I need to toss and turn to get comfortable. In fact, cotton sheets sometimes feel heavy to me because there is more friction as you move, but this was never a problem with my Sheets and Giggles set.

Full Bedroom Makeover

Our guess is you might love your Sheets And Giggles so much that you might be inspired to update your entire bed. After all, if your sheets are perfect, a bad pillow can still give you a crick in your neck, and a bad mattress can still give you back pains. That sounds like an unfortunate waste of good sheets.

So once you’ve decided on the perfect eucalyptus bed sheets, here is what we recommend for the rest of your bedroom makeover:

We’ve talked about Sheets & Giggles extensively, so it should be clear why we love their eco-friendly sheets. They are the softest sheets we’ve ever slept on, and way more traditional cotton sheets, but the rest of this list impresses us just as much.

The Thuma platform bed is a solid wood bed frame, made with a minimalist flair and Japanese-type joints that slide right together. Not only is the bed sturdily made, but it is beautiful. We plan on using our Thuma for decades to come.

We’ve wrapped our Sheets & Giggles around a Saatva mattress, and couldn’t be happier. The Classic Saatva is an innerspring hybrid mattress, that provides the right amount of push-back support from the innerspring coils, combined with a little cushioning that a comfort layer provides.

Lastly, I have a customized pillow from Pluto Pillows that’s also been game-changing. To purchase a Pluto Pillow, you start by answering questions to a quiz about your sleep preferences. Based on your answers, Pluto’s algorithm designs the perfect pillow. The pillows can be built in a whopping 35 variations, which is way more than you might find from other brands selling pillows, offering you a truly customized experience.

After significant amounts of research, this is the combination we decided to roll with, and we are very happy with our decisions. Each piece complements the other, creating a dream-inducing sleep experience.

Is Sheets And Giggles Worth It?

Whether you like or dislike the shiny patina look that the sheets have on the Sheets & Giggles website, the shininess tends to fade pretty quickly starting with the first wash. The color itself seems durable, but don’t expect your sheets to maintain a silk-like shine forever. So don’t be disappointed after that initial wash.

Also, keep in mind that these are eco-friendly sheets. While the sheets have to be comfortable to be worth considering (and these are the most comfortable sheets I’ve slept in), the big cornerstone for this brand is that eucalyptus lyocell is better for the planet than cotton. Fortunately for S&G, this seems to be a case where its eucalyptus sheets are not only eco-friendly but generally a better product, too.

If you like comfort, and need to sleep, then Sheets & Giggles is worth the investment.

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